The Introduction to Mr Ridley

My name is Mr Ridley. I have a degree, 4 online dating apps, 3 nicknames, and an adverse reaction to sunlight which may have something to do with being partially ginger, and partially vampiric.

This blog is ultimately designed to be my voice into the void, shouting, whispering, probably whimpering in some fashion at some point, and as such, I’m hoping to hear what comes back. I’d like to engage you, the community, in discussions revolving anything, from tales I will tell, to movies I review (probably), and anything in between. There will be verbose ramblings, and concise posts which may be just videos, or gifs, there will be crappy grammar, and poor conversational punctuation. But if that’s an issue, fuck you. There will also be course language, adult themes, and embarrassing stories, so all names except for my own* will be changed.

Welcome to the world of Mr Ridley

*Own name used for the quality of blog title.

The Introduction to Mr Ridley