Ridley Review: Tak3n [Spoilers]

Liam Neeson returns as “rocks or diamonds father of the year” candidate Bryan Mills in Olivier Megaton’s Taken 3, or Tak3n, a film which suffers mainly due to the fact that it shouldn’t exist. Following on from Taken (2008) and Taken 2 (2012), Tak3n takes us a happy place for Bryan, attempting to break from his predictable routine (for plot reasons later on in the film). However the first 20 or so minutes plays out like Middle Aged Divorce: The Movie, and I actually think it was the best portion of the movie¹. Neeson works best when playing men who have lost, or have something to lose and Bryan Mills has both in spades.

Absolutely Terrifying
Absolutely Terrifying

Naturally shit happens. Lenore (Famke Janssen) ends up dead, and Bryan departs on a sadness fueled quest to clear his name. Lots of people die, and Bryan wins the day despite being responsible for the deaths of dozens of people, not to mention several bystanders in highway chases and building explosions. I’m really hoping T4ken (20??)² is a character drama focusing on Bryan Mills PTSD from the events of the past films.

In all seriousness, Tak3n is a set and forget action film aimed at Neeson’s new target demographic. It feels like it wants to be a summer blockbuster but never lets itself have too much fun, we have nice banter moments with Bryan’s golfing special forces buddies, only to have a grim Neeson face staring at us as he jogs yet again. I feel like he only jogged twice, but it just seemed like a strange pacing decision.

In summary I give Tak3n 2 Ridleys out of a possible 5. See it if you like Liam Neeson, or you could just save your $10 and watch this³: 

I have to correct myself, the best part of the film was the theme song, enjoy it: 

¹with the exception of the heavy handed pregnancy crammed in to make us concerned for Kim Mills (Maggie Grace)

²Oh god, how can the world be so cruel.

³It feels like Olivier Megaton is attempting to add as many beats as possible which will make it into Neeson Season 2: Taken Boogaloo.

Ridley Review: Tak3n [Spoilers]

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